By putting people first, MakeShift helps make scheduling more efficient and effective, improving work/life balance for both employees and managers. Whether your organization is 5, 50 or 500 employees, it helps you schedule smarter, fill shifts faster and save money.

Schedule Smarter

Always know who's working, who's available and where the gaps in your schedule are. MakeShift gives you more information to work with, helping you utilize your employees better and make more informed staffing decisions.

Fill Shifts Faster

With improved communication and instant notifications, managers can fill open shifts quickly, instead of chasing down available employees. And with Shift Exchange, your staff can even trade shifts with each other.

Protect Your Investment

MakeShift makes for a happier workforce and a healthier bottom line. It helps reduce unnecessary overtime expenses, lower absenteeism and cut down on turnover, all while providing detailed analytics on your staff and schedule.


Distracted driving is a modern plague, contributing to thousands of accidents each year. One Tap is the easiest way to reduce distractions when you're behind the wheel, using clever features to manage your life while you focus on the road.

A Smarter Smartphone

One Tap knows when you're driving and steps in to manage your alerts, leaving your attention where it needs to be: the road. When your trip is done, One Tap turns itself off, letting you use your phone as usual.

Personal Assistant

One Tap doesn't block alerts, it manages them, responding automatically to calls and texts, and notifying you only when you have an urgent message. It prioritizes events that occur while you're driving, and gives you a quick summary when you reach your destination.

All in the Family

One Tap doesn't just take control of your distractions, it can be used to help monitor your kids' driving habits, giving you peace of mind when you hand over the keys.


Homes are where we spend our time and raise our families. They are also our most valuable financial asset. For these reasons, the relationship we have with the people building our new home requires trust and communication. That's why we created Draft.


Using a beautiful, modern digital experience, Draft improves communication by connecting owners with builders in a meaningful way. This extends throughout the building process, creating a stronger relationship and better overall experience.


By creating a digital portal to a customer's home while it's being built, Draft helps speed up customer decision making, corrects mistakes before they happen, and gives the builder a suite of tools to engage their clients through home features, finishes and upgrades.


Draft was created to help home builders deliver a world-class customer experience on the iPhone or iPad. It helps improve the building experience, which elevates the brand experience, driving referrals and new business in an organic and low-cost way.


Pint Pass is a modern update of the classic beer passport. It gives restaurants and bars the chance to give their customers a completely branded and customized iPhone app that drives sales and increases loyalty.


If your bar or restaurant prides itself on the size of its beer list, Pint Pass will make sure your customers want to try them all. In addition to stamping each beer, drinkers can unlock badges along the way.


Pint Pass lets you drive foot traffic and sales. Get them in the door with custom coupons, sent directly to their iPhones, and keep them coming back by attaching rewards to unlocked badges.


There is no "Pint Pass" app in the App Store, there is just your app, fully branded with your logo and colours, and completely customized with your content, including your menu and daily specials.


Upwards was a proof-of-concept app for the luxury private jet industry that took non-revenue-generating flight inventory and made it available to users. The app gave carriers a new earning channel and customers access to affordable private flights.


A premium app requires a premium look. Upwards was designed with luxury in mind, using lush textures, gorgeous photos and a user interface that moves like a sports car.


Upwards' powerful search interface lets users find flights based on date, price, origin, destination or any combination thereof. Users can also set custom alerts based on their search criteria, meaning they'll get exactly the flights as soon as they are available.

Hockey Canada

Hockey Canada marked their 100th anniversary with a coast-to-coast tour. We worked with them to develop a tablet app to take with them, engaging fans on the road through rich, interactive content.

Inside Hockey

Built as part of their mobile kiosk, the app is both informational and fun. We included a 360-degree look behind the scenes, customizable Team Canada jerseys, a digital hockey card maker and much, much more.

Sharing the Hockey Experience

More importantly, the app helped engage fans across the country, collecting email addresses and sign ups so we could let them know how to get more involved with hockey in their communities.

Team Canada, Sochi 2014

The Canadian men's national team needed a tool that would help them communicate with each other leading up to and during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Russia. We built them the private website that did the job. And it was pretty good—they did bring home the gold, after all.

Grey Eagle

When Grey Eagle Resort & Casino renovated their property, adding a multi-million-dollar hotel and event centre, they decided their digital presence needed more than just a facelift, as well.

Branded and Responsive

We worked with the resort to enhance and extend their brand image, making it more modern and sophisticated. Then we designed a fully responsive site that looks gorgeous on any device.

Under the Hood

But we didn't just design the site, we helped customize a new CMS, making it easy to manage content for their events, restaurants, games and more. And we integrated with the hotel booking engine and ticket sales partner for a seamless experience.


We worked closely with Shaw's digital teams in Calgary and Toronto over the course of several months to create a comprehensive mobile strategy and roadmap, identifying opportunities in mobile now and for the next five years. Then we built a custom iPad app with the entire strategy document for Shaw to distribute internally.


Located in Victoria, Calgary and Toronto, AppColony gives you access to some of the most experienced and brightest minds in digital and mobile. Our team of 28+ is small, specialized and experienced, our networks are virtually endless and our passion for innovating and playing with mobile is matched only by our dedication to delivering results.

Ted Hellard


Ted is a builder. In 1996, he founded Critical Mass and built it into one of the world's leading digital marketing agencies, eventually selling a 50% stake to Omnicom. In 2005, he was part of an ownership group that took over the Calgary Stampeders, building them into Grey Cup hosts and champions. In 2013, he founded AppColony, looking to build another success with the our first major product: MakeShift.

Darrell Amatto


For 25 years, Darrell has been leading sales for companies at the bleeding edge of the tech industry, working in enterprise communications, data solutions, cloud computing and now mobile. His experience as a VP at Ceridian, Citrix and Avaya, as well as managing accounts, running sales teams and overseeing growth makes him a perfect fit to guide our expanding sales group.

Darren Delichte


Darren has been designing websites, brand identities and digital campaigns for over 15 years. As one of the founding designers at Critical Mass, he built, shaped and led one of digital marketing's premier creative teams, delivering award-winning work for Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, Nissan and more. Now he's turning his passion for beautiful, pragmatic design to mobile, leading the team responsible for MakeShift's UI and marketing.

Jeremy Gale


Jeremy's extensive background in software development includes a variety of independent projects, as well as two years as a software engineer and team lead at Google. More recently, he's been working exclusively in mobile, developing apps and products for the medical industry, a major telecom and others, in addition to his own software, such as the popular Eat Canada dining app.

Ryan Hellard


Since graduating at the top of his class from the University of Calgary's prestigious Haskayne School of Business, Ryan has been entirely focused on building AppColony, setting up the company, establishing priorities, creating business plans and imbuing the organization with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit. He's also carried a number of products from idea to release, including MakeShift and Pint Pass. When he's not working, Ryan is an award-winning photographer who's been published in National Geographic Traveler and Photo Life.

Claire Buffone-Blair


Claire's track record is filled with successes. From 2005–2010, she was a senior executive with Own the Podium, an Olympic initiative that helped Canada lead the 2010 Winter Games in gold medals. She then served as President/CEO of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, overseeing the design and construction of their new facility before leaving to found Insights Matter, a marketing-research consultancy. As VP Account at AppColony, Claire works with clients, helping direct accounts and develop strategy, in addition to identifying and pursuing new business opportunities.




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